The Tenth Professional Seminar Oncompressor and air compressed equipments

Lecturer : Mr. Meysam Cheshmaro, Translator of the book “Air Compressed Manual”


We would like to take this chance to inform all managers, technicians and commercial managers that Atlas Caspian Industrial Development Group has organized a seminar on “COMPRESSED AIR SYSTEM, COMPRESSOR, AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT AND PNEUMATIC TOOLS’ COMPUTING”

In this seminar the Persian EBook “COMPRESSED AIR MANUAL 8TH EDITION” will be presented.

We would request you to kindly assign your agent in our website till 30 October 2019, so that the complementary information and entrance barcode will be sent to him/her via Email. For any  more information, kindly please call +982133903552.

Mr. Meysam Cheshmaro, technical manager of Atlas Caspian Industrial Development Group and translator of the books:

COMPRESSED AIR MANUAL 6th EDITION         ISBN:9789640476895


COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE                                         ISBN:9789640498286

DIESEL GENERATOR                                                ISBN:9786000474072


This program will be held on 10 November 2019 from 8 AM to 5 PM. (With Reception)

Address: Caspian Hall, International conference center, research Institute of Oil industry, Azadi Stadium, West Blvd., Tehran


The list of seminars on compressor training and auxiliary equipment:

  • First held on 10 December 2013, The auditorium of the cultural center of Hasht Behesht, Qazvin
  • Second held on 21 January 2014, Business Technology services meeting Hall, Arak
  • Third held on 20 May 2014, Chamber of commerce, Isfahan
  • Fourth held on 30 September 2014, For Oil, Gas, petrochemical and cement Industry, Caspian Hall of Fame, Oil industry Institute, Tehran
  • Fifth held on 18 November 2014, for small industries in Abbas Abad Industrial Town, Tehran
  • Sixth held on 24 February 2015, SAPCO meeting Hall, Mashhad
  • Seventh held on 26 May 2015, Chamber of commerce, Yazd
  • Eighth held on 1 July 2016, Atlas Caspian company, Qazvin
  • Ninth held on 13 May 2017, Atlas Caspian company, Qazvin
  • Tenth will be held on 10 November 2019, the international conference Hall, oil industry research center, Tehran
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